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It’s your 20th birthday which celebrates the end of teens and introduction to your 20s, and let’s be honest chances are you might be little in doubt to party, as it feels to walk an extra mile to plan your day until your friends are throwing you a party. But it’s your 20th birthday that needs to be celebrated with zeal.

Instead of all the traditional ways to celebrate your big day, there are tonnes of unique ideas to celebrate your 20th birthday.

We’ve come up with the best 20th birthday ideas that you can celebrate in your own way, coz after all it’s your day!

Also, you may scroll down below to know how I celebrated my 20th birthday.

Best Things to do for your 20th Birthday

1. Go on a Shopping Spree

Shopping is an activity, you can’t go wrong with, and when it comes with your girls, it’s the cherry on the cake!

You can go on shopping and spend money on yourself as opposed to traditional ways of having dinner and a party. And if you are planning for your friend’s 20th birthday, then you and your friends can take her shopping with your funds.

2. Plan a House Party

A House party can be really warm and chilling at the same time!

If you are not going out this birthday and don’t wanna go with basic birthday plans then, Order some pizza, grab the face mask and have a girls night. Don’t be afraid to spend your day inside coz the girls night is always worth it.

3. Hotel Party

If cannot organise a house party then you can rent a hotel room and have a great hotel party! This may make up to some crazy times and serious girls talk.

The cost of a hotel room will turn out to be very affordable when split among your pals.

4. Spa day

If you have a really busy schedule all week, then your birthday is the perfect day to take off from your routine.

Book an appointment in your favourite SPA and spend the perfect day with your loved one while getting pampered.

5. Cooking Party

What if you and your loved ones haven’t spend a great time lately?

It’s the perfect day, after all!

If you and your friends are foodies, have everyone bring on the ingredients and you all can cook and have fun hanging out while doing it.

Now, have a full feast and enjoy after doing that.

6. Binge Party

You are a movie person? Then what else plan you are looking for, your 20th birthday!

Get on some snacks and your loved ones and there-you-go a binge-watch party for your 20th birthday. If you are looking for birthday ideas for your friend, then organise a Netflix watch party for them and make your loved ones day special as them.

7. Organise a Theme party

A themed party can be really fun and can lead to something creative with costumes.

Amazon has really affordable stuff for the great theme party and If you are planning last minute then you look for costumes in local shops or can rent, if available.

8. Go To An Over 18 Club

Yes, Clubbing for real!

You can have a great time at the club with your people. There are tons of fun clubs to enjoy a musical night.

9. It’s 20th, Camping!!

Camping is another great way to celebrate your 20th birthday.

It’s budget-friendly and leads to memories of forever.

10. Have a dinner date

This is one of the traditional ways to celebrate your birthday but it always guarantees so much fun.

Check out the top best places to eat around you and get cosy with your friends.

11. Beach Day

If you are near to one, go to a beach for your 20th birthday celebration.

Grab your swimsuit, snacks, plenty of drinks (especially water to stay hydrated), and decorative items to set your spot apart from the rest.

If you are not near a Coastal region then a pool party can be a really great substitute.

How did I celebrated my 20th Birthday?

My 20th birthday went happily last month and unlike all my past birthdays, I decided to do things a lot different and in my way.

I came across many people who do not feel as excited about their birthdays as they use to be when we were kids, we counted down days to our birthday, but these days birthdays have a way of creeping upon us. That’s when I was stricken with a bunch of unique ideas to celebrate my 20th birthday besides partying and also why we feel sad on our bday’s.

Of course, Birthdays are the day to be celebrated with your friends and family but nowadays it feels a lot of effort to be entirely happy on our day. There might be several reasons behind that but one of which most people resonated and on a personal level, I feel true about it, is being a person of one mindset which we have been set since our childhood is, Birthdays are the days to accept and accept, be it a present, love and care.

I don’t deny the fact that it’s your day and you ought to feel special but as we grow out expectations also grow about our birthdays and that’s when we feel sad and I thought to turn things around for myself and do something which makes me feel special.

Ideas to celebrate 20th birthday your way

12. Party at Orphanage

It always feels special to spend time with other kids and celebrate your happiness with them.

Get along with them, distribute goodies and share your happiness while spending your special day with them.

13. Celebating at Old Age

It always feels a privilege to spend time with people at Old Age and get to know their stories, life experiences and in return, they fill you with so much love, gratitude and blessings.

14. Step up for a good cause

If you are above your legal age( as per prevailed country laws), you can always step up for a good cause like, blood donation, organ donation or helping any person in need.

If you ever think of stepping up for good cause and do something different then, there is no better day than your birthday. So, spend a part of your day with those in need and the rest is yours.

So, House party or Camping?

Let me know in the comment section below what you are gonna do on your 20th birthday, your Ideas are always welcome.

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