Excited about the upcoming trip? No doubt, travelling after years of being locked up in houses is like breathing a fresh air. But packings can be a bane to one’s life and especially when it comes to travel essentials, something or the other are tend to be missed.

But not anymore! We are here to have you back!

Hey! have you kept the dress you bought specially for this trip? And what about the lotion you need on each trip otherwise you feel terrible with your skin.

Whether you’re going on a solo trip or hopping off with your friends, you’ll need these travel essentials list to carry on a smooth travelling experience.

It’s true that travel essentials depend on your destination and how long you are vacaying but there are a few important items that are must needed in trips and are irreplaceable. Be it international or domestic trip, cold or humid regions, or long or short trip, these items to are must needed to make your travelling a convenient experience.

Whether you are carrying a tote bag, backpack or a wheeled bag, it’s what’s inside that counts. So, here are all the important items you need while travelling with some personal recommendations.

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Important things to carry while travelling

Here’s your travel checklist.

1. Travel Wallet

The travel wallet is just the right accessory you need to organise all the documents and have easy access to it. When travelling it’s very necessary to have your documents and some cash at one place. So you don’t need to dig into all the luggage to find the right document.


The documents required to organise in your travel wallet and the most important things to pack in your travel backpack is your passport and IDs. Once you are done with all the items in your pre-travel checklist, make sure to double-check once you step out of the house. Because you won’t get any far with it.

If you are travelling within India make sure to carry your Adhaar Card and Have a photocopy of all the documents you carry.

3.In seat Pouch

Fill the pouch with everything you need in the mid-journey and tuck it to your seat or keep in the area you can get easy access to. This pouch can contain few medicines which you may need in your journey along with sanitisers and toiletries, lip balm and travel size moisturiser and some snacks Ofcourse to much while you enjoy reading.

4.Portable Charger & Charging Chords

We all know the feeling of our device running out of battery in mid-journey. We don’t want our phone to die when we are lost in the city and also miss out opportunity to click some awesome pictures. To avoid such issues make sure to pack your chargers and portable backup chargers. One of the most affordable and favourite power bank is Mi Power Bank 3i 20000 mAh AND 3 in 1 Charging Cable


Any kind of Medication you need during your travel is one of the most important travel essentials to pack. For any prescribed medicines or tablets make sure to set an alarm as it is very easy to forget medicines when travelling. Also make sure to keep the painkillers and pain reliever ointments and spray along with some cotton and bandages for any kind of emergency.

6.Face Mask & Sanitisers

Travelling in the current scenario it’s very necessary to keep face masks and sanitisers. Make sure to carry a comfortable face mask so that you can wear it for long hours during your journey. Keep them in your In-seat pouch so that you can use them easily as you enter in a crowded place.


Another Important travel essential is a small writing pad or notebook. Write all the emergency contacts along with address of your hotel. And if you are someone who has a bunch of ideas but forgets it later on then make sure to jot down all your travel ideas in the notebook that’s sleek enough to enter your pouch.

8.Neck Pillow

During a long halt, if you feel sleepy while travelling through flight, train or even personal vehicle then these travel neck pillows are perfect to provide you snuggly and comfy feeling. It’s so light that it can easily adjust in your travel backpack without taking up much space.

9.Eye Mask

We all know the effort to sleep with lights on or sunlight sneaking our face. And specially when sleeping in hostels, you never know if someone turn the lights on in the middle of night. But with eye mask here’s your smooth way for a sound sleep. This light blocking eye mask is favourite to catch up on sleep while travelling and it’s super handy as you can keep them in your In-seat pouch.

10.In-Jouney Entertainment

Long journey’s tend to be boring. You maybe spending a lot of time in flights or train during your travel so pack yourself some good books or travel entertainment system like tablet or laptop which will serve you with best on board travel entertainment. Make sure they don’t take much of your space to make your journey an uncomfortable experience. Amazon kindle works perfect for all your favourite books at one place and sleek Apple iPad for all the travel entertainment without costing much of your space.

11.Travel Adapter

You might be wondering Do you even need travel adapter? But it’s another travel essential to carry as you may find only a switch near your seat or bed where you stay. And its horrifying to not have a switch board near you. But these travel adapter works as a savior for you. With 3 in plug you can charge mutiple devices at you comfort.


Before heading towards your destination you might have read the weather forecast or might be sure it isn’t gonna rain in this season. But if you are travelling to city where whether is unpredictable then make sure to carry a rain-gear that protects you from melting. A waterproof mac with a hood will be the saviour during the trip.


Slides are the must haves during the trip. Whether you are on long on road trip or want to slip into something comfy, you always need slides no matter where you are.

Always remember to keep a pair of slides in your backpack wherever you go.


What a bad luck it feels to not carry Headphones during our trips! We all know the struggle and Indeed it is one of the important travel essentials to carry while travelling.


Toiletries combine everything you need to maintain your skin and hygiene during your trip. It can include-

  • Face Wash
  • Scrub
  • Moisturiser
  • Lip balm
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Trimmer
  • Handwash
  • Bodywash
  • Body Lotion
  • Shamppoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Mask
  • Shower Gel

This toiletery kit will help you organise everything you need at a time at one place. Its supers spacious and handy to carry in your washrooms. This is one of my best buys from Amazon.

16.Gear Ties

Have you packed your tech-kit? And what about all the wires, chargers and adapters? But we all know the struggle to assemble all the wires so they dont turn out to be a huge wire ball from our kits.

These elastic gear ties works wonder to organize our tech kit.

17.Travel Tumbler

Hydration during the trip is very necessary and here travel tumbler comes to light. Not only reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly but it also saves money as you don’t have to buy more. If you wanna go up by saving little space then these compact foldable bottles is your go-to.


Our clothes are often filled with wrinkles when we focus on compact packing. These mini-steamers comes as a rescue for all the backpackers. It will help you get any packing-induced wrinkles out of your clothing.

19.Water proof Backpack cover

Some backpacks do have cover. But if you don’t have one make sure to get a waterproof backpack cover to safe all your stuff from drenching.

20.Air Tight Pouches

If you are a snack-freak and love to have something or the other while you explore the city then these air-tight pouches will be your saviour during the trip. They can be used for storing miscellaneous items during the journey and can act as a waterproof layer for your electronic items.

21.Face Wash Cloth

Though we carry large bath towels hand towels do wonders during your trip. You may not realise but these are another important thing to carry on your trip. If you are travelling to a hot country/city then a face washcloth is as important as a water bottle.


How else you are gonna capture the beauty of excellent quality? Nowadays mobiles are enough to take good quality pictures but if are obsessed lately about having a good camera then this trip is the perfect excuse to buy one.

23.Foldable Bag

Bringing souveniers home has always been my favourite thing to do while I’m travelling. These foldable bags always helps you to pack minimal yet providing extra luggage to keep all the tiny stuff you bought on your trip.

24.Offline Map

Offine map may not be essential things to carry while travelling with family but its as essential as carrying your mobiles when travelling solo or with friends. You never know when your mobile battery dies or you don’t find any network in the area.

Downloading Google offline maps are there in options as well but carrying physical map is always a safe side.

25.Laundry Bag

If you are on the long trip then laundry bags are of the important things to carry while travelling as there are so many used clothes which you don’t wanna wash on your trip and you can separate them from fresh clothes. So, when you are back home you know what needs to be washed and what can be kept in cupboards.

26.Bag Pack

If you are a solo-traveller you know how important is bad pack during the trip. But if you are also travelling with friends or family carrying a bagpack can we very favourable decision on your trip.

When you leave your room to explore the wonders of city you can keep small and useful things you need while site seeing like your binoculars, camera, maps, water bottle and some snacks ofcourse.

27.Torches/Extra Batteries

Travelling to different places can result in very un-certain situations and you need to be at least ready for some of the known situations. If you are on some adventurous trip then flashlight is must and small,cheap torch can do the trick.

28.Disposable Bag

You always have something or the other to dispose while travelling. Disposable bags helps you collect all the waste at one place and dispose it off whenever you see a bin around you.

29.Pad Locks

Once everything is packed, make sure to lock it with a pad lock to ensure your things are safe. When you are in a night train, walking on a crowded place or staying in a hostel, these padlocks comes very handy to keep all your stuff safe.

30.Extra Contact Lenses

Wearing glasses? You know how troublesome it is manage your eyewear. Glasses maynot come handy when travelling to adventurous place so don’t forget to keep extra pair of contact lenses and thank me later.


Pack couple of packets of your favourite biscuits or homemade snacks so that you can munch them when craving for little bit that feels like home. And ofcourse you need something to savour while entertaining yourself in long journey.

32.Travel Detergent

Now this may not be the travel essential but if you believe in minimal packing then washing clothes is one of the necessary thing to do on trip to repeat your clothes.

33.Make up kit

If you are planning on going clubs or date nights then remember keeping your makeup kit with all your essentials to you need to glow up.

34.Hair Accessories

There are a lot of things that comes under hair accessories make sure to keep everything you need according to long or short trip.

  • Hairbrush
  • Comb
  • Har spray
  • Hair Gel
  • Scrunchies and Bobby Pins


Sunglasses are essential If you are on a summer trip to avoid irritation through run rays. Try packing a cheaper pair so you don’t mind loosing them on beaches.

36.Noice Cancelling Earplugs

I remember having a train journey and a child didn’t stop crying for the whole night or Imagine a elder person snoring next to you, Irritating right? Specially when you planned to have sound sleep in long haul flight.

The noise cancelling Headphones serves perfectly for these situations.

Hope you had prepared your travel essentials list and off to safely on-boarding to your vacation! Happy Journey!!

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