Best Korean drama on Netflix

Are you a K drama lover? Or wanna watch a Korean drama coz you saw your friend going crazy after watching one? Or simply looking for something to watch? I caught you, you are definitely at the right place. 

Korean dramas or popularly know as K drama has become a phenomenon worldwide. South Korea has become the world’s largest exporter of popular culture. Be it K- Pop, BTS or K drama, East Asian countries know how to reach International audiences.

Wondering why K drama is so popular? For those who watched one, definitely don’t need the answer, but for all the newbies, K- drama has the most intense and interesting storyline, which keeps the audience at Verge. They go from being super happy to incredibly heartbreaking in no time, and that’s what keeps us coming back and forth for something extra.

Netflix never fails to provide its audience with the best, be it the best anime movies or best teen movies of all time. There is a huge role of Netflix in popularizing K drama all around the world and no doubt, Netflix has some awesome K dramas of all time.

Looking for the best Korean drama on Netflix? We have some amazing recommendations of Top 10 K dramas on Netflix to watch right now.

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10. Something In the Rain

Where we expect ‘Something in the Rain’ is a typical romantic K-drama on Netflix of all time, it surely gonna knock you down with how realistic and straightforward it is plotted.

Yoon Jin-ah is a single career woman in her 30’s falls romantically with her best friend’s brother,Joon-hee, who returns from abroad.

This Netflix K drama takes us to the roller coaster ride of love in real and also focuses on various societal taboos, family scrutiny and what female co-workers go through at their workplace.

Best korean Drama on Netflix
Something In Rain

9. The King Eternal Monarch

Set up in two parallel worlds, this Netflix Korean drama follows Emperor Lee Gon of Corea, who discovers a portal opening in the bamboo forest which leads to the parallel world. He comes across detective Jung Tae-eul and eventually falls in love with each other. They work together to close this time portal before two worlds collide and freeze. 

This Netflix Korean drama has it all, time travel, parallel world, romance, a handsome king and tragedy. If you are someone into Sci-fi, definitely a go to.

top 10 korean drama on Netflix
The Eternal King Monarch

8. Move to Heaven

When we say Korean drama has numerous emotions, this Netflix drama justifies it.

Move in Heaven is more spiritual and emotional, unlike other K dramas. It showcases the beautiful relation between Gen-ru, a trauma cleaner (who collects and disposes of the belongings of the person who died and deodorizes the space), and his father, who died in an accident. It’s all about stories people leave behind when they die and how Gen-ru cope from his father’s death and when his uncle took over the business.

best k drama on Netfix
Move to heaven

7. Mr Sunshine

This Netflix K drama is historically driven, when a young boy who ends up in the U.S. after the Shinmiyangyo incident in 1871, returns to Korea in 1905 as an adult. Coping with his painful past in Korea as an orphaned servant boy, he finds himself in love with Ae-shin, an aristocrat’s daughter.

The drama follows real-life history like Shinmiyangyo, the Russo- Japanese War and more. If you are into historical period drama, must give it a shot.

Netflix k drama in english
Mr sunshine

6. Flower Of Evil

If you are looking for suspense and thriller, with zero doubts go with Flower of Evil. This Netflix series will keep you in awe throughout your watch time and you may end up watching one more episode. 

Flower of Evil revolves around a couple Baek Hee-sung who hid his past and true identity from his wife Cha Ji-won, who works as a detective and later on finds that her partner may be hiding something from her.

best romantic k drama on Netflix
Flower of evil

5. Vincenzo

If crime-drama and Dark-comedy are your go-to then Vincenzo is a must-watch, and if it’s not it probably will be after watching this incredible Netflix series.

Vincenzo, who is adopted by an Italian Mafia Family. He becomes a lawyer and right-hand man of Don Fabio, head of the Cassano family. When Vincenzo adoptive father dies, his adoptive brother tries to kill him and send him back to Seoul, amidst which he falls into the tumultuous relationship with Hong Cha-young. 

Best k drama on Netflix 2021

4. Nevertheless

Nevertheless is one of the best Korean drama on Netflix released in 2021. This Korean series follows a heartbroken woman and a flirtatious man, who share immediate attraction but resist to enter into the relationship coz of their uncertainties towards love.

Based on popular Webtoon of the same name, Nevertheless is unique in many ways. The lead actors have done some incredibly amazing in their roles.

best korean drama on Netflix

3. Itaewon Class

Set in Seoul, this Netflix series sets perfectly between revenge and romance. Park Sae‑ro‑Yi’s who was jailed in an attempt to kill Jang Geun-won, son of Jangga Group’s founder. After release from prison he wants to have a fresh start and open a restaurant named DanBam but his ultimate goal is to take revenge from Jangga Group after his father was killed in an accident.

This Korean Drama was extremely popular in South Korea as well as worldwide.

Best k drama on Netflix
Itaewon class

2. It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

Summing this incredible Netflix k drama in few words is definitely not worth it. This Netflix series centers around a caretaker at the psychiatric ward, Moon Gang-Tae and his relation with his brother Sang-Tae, who is on the autism spectrum. With all the heavy baggage and responsibility all over his life, Gang-Tae begins to see the better side of life with the help of unexpected women who have a dark past.

Its okay not to be okay
It’s okay Not to be Okay

1. Crash Landing On You

The masterpiece of 2019-2020 or simply the masterpiece on Netflix. Crash Landing On You is a rom-com drama, with cultural representation between North and South Korea. With a marvelous performance by lead actors, breathtaking storyline and incredible direction, this Netflix top series has it all.

 Yoon Se-ri, a South Korean heiress caught in a storm and reaches North Korea during paragliding. Where she encounters Ri Jeong-hyeok, Captain of the North Korean Special Forces and a member of the North Korean elite family…….wait, “No spoilers” 

 One of the best Netflix K dramas, Crash Landing On You, justifies the love and craziness among people around the globe.

Crash landing on you
Crash Landing On You

Hey, Let me know in the comment section below, which is your favorite K-drama.

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