Just when we thought everything is coming back on track, the second wave hit the country, taking more lives and destroying more families. When the world outside is falling apart staying positive is difficult at some times. Not only that, hearing about catching virus to loved ones and situation getting bad to worst is tearing us apart. And if you are feeling so, you are not alone in the journey, many people are on the same boat.


Anxiety during lockdown can be different for many people, for kids, it is not going out to play with their friends. For teenagers, it is not going out with friends and enjoying their company. Coping with daily online classes and courses and restricted home rules. For youngsters, where working from home is a piece of good news but not able to enjoy weekends can be really annoying. Losing jobs, having issues in personal and financial life and worrying about the future are some of the core reasons to fall into the marsh of anxiety whether you fall into any age.

What is Mental Stress?

A form of stress that occurs because of the events taking place in your internal and external environment that leads to psychological distress and anxiety accompanied by physiological changes as well.


Ways to deal with mental stress

The best way to deal with anxiety is the willingness and if you are here, half of the battle is already won dear. Here are some tried and tested methods which may help you in your journey to deal with stress.

1. Count on your Blessings 

Don’t rush your mind with different thoughts all around the day. Instead, sit calmly, give yourself time and remember all the good things you have in your life at the moment. You have a roof on your head, you are able to eat, having loved ones around you are the biggest blessing in today’s life. Though you are in a situation you can’t wait to get out of it but reciting that at least five of your blessing daily will really make you feel good.

2. Spend some Quality time with your loved ones

Dealing with anxiety may make you feel to withdraw yourself from family, but do not fall in this category, cause talking to them will make you feel good about yourself. Talk to your loved ones and friends, who you think will understand you better cause everyone is going to stress based on the current situation. And the biggest blessing you can count on is thanks to technology where your loved ones are just one phone call away

3. Nature is the healer

Being in a busy schedule it’s next to impossible to spend with nature. Make yourself a good coffee and visit your terrace or balcony whatever you are in access to and embrace the beauty of nature. Feel the wind around your face as if you are on a road trip with friends on the highway.

4. Practice breathing exercise

Where yoga is said to boost your immune system the other side yoga is also a great source to provide you peace when dealing with mental stress. Practice breathing exercises and meditate to calm your mind.

5. Follow your Hobbies

Anxiety impacts our physical activities like not willing to engage in different activities and just want to be alone. But it may not apply to things when you are engaged in doing something which you love. Make a routine and try to experiment with things what makes you happy and make a regularity to do it.

6. This isn’t your life forever 

Don’t spiral in thought that this is your life forever. We have good months where everything seems normal and then there are these days where things are falling apart but this is life, when we don’t have bad days we will not value good days and Remember, the sun rises after the darkest night. If those days aren’t consistent, this too shall pass.

What if someone else is dealing with mental stress Around you

If someone else around you are going through anxiety 
  1. Talk to them in good words
  2. Don’t force them to involve in the activity you are doing instead understand their situation and give them sometime 
  3. Don’t pressurize them to tell what they are going through instead calmly sit with them and try to understand them.
  4. For all the parents reading this, don’t put unwanted pressure on your kids for something if they are not willing to do. Ease family rules and give them space while communicating and don’t let them withdraw themselves from family.
If you have some ideas to deal with stress and anxiety do let me know in the comment section. It might help others.

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