About Us

Hey peeps! As so you are here, let me introduce myself to you a little. (Whispering: Of course that’s why people click about us.)

Wait! Lemme welcome you.

(Clearing throat) Hey readers, welcome to my happy place. It’s Tanya this side, the name behind all articles on this website.

I read somewhere, tell the story behind your work in about us. So let’s start from there.

Started with an experiment to apply my Digital Marketing different genres, I landed up on setting up a website that seemed so easy without coding (of course for a student who was a nerd at computer languages).

I wrote my first blog post with 5 key points few days after my birthday on ‘ How to make your loved ones feel special‘ coz that was the first time my bday was all different and special (you can read how in my first post) from past 18 years and that was the time I felt aloof by sharing my personal stuff (for an introvert like me).

And that’s how my Her merry space journey begins. 

I am still a newbie and a lifetime student, learning by experimenting, losing, gaining and I think that’s how we grow within the process.

So, this is all about the writer behind those articles who share her personal experience on travel, self-care, beauty and love for movies.

I gradually gained a lot of interest in blogging, so it’s more like my personal diary with which most of the girls can relate. I love to learn new things and share my experiences with you all.

Thank you for sticking around till here and bearing with my “story”.

So let’s have some bonus about me. I am a freelancer, providing services-




✍Ghost writing 

✍Landing Page Content

✍Social Media Content

✍Social Media Marketing 

Feel free to stick around and share your valuable suggestions.

If you have any queries regrading Site, Advertisement, my services and any other issue, please feel free to contact me at tanya@hermerryspace.in